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Welcome to the Schedule Comparator, a service of, celebrating 13+ years!

Please be kind, as this is a bespoke web application from a bygone era. Please don't add false names, teachers, courses, or change other people's data - it isn't that amusing.

The Schedule Comparator will never ask you for your TJ username or password. You should never give account information to anyone or enter your TJ username or password on any site save for those sites officially run by the school, such as the Intranet.

New for 2018: the Schedule Comparator is now on GitHub. Feel free to send me pull requests or file issues there. (If you discover how to compromise my ancient PHP, I'd also appreciate patches.)

Problems, complaints, praise, or other feedback? Email me: jgrafton+scheduler, followed by the at sign, followed by gmail, followed by the first three letters of the word company.

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