Randomness Experiment

Hello, and welcome to the home of the Randomness Experiment.
Here, you can find all of the information on this pointless endeavor and also view the pics. Enjoy!


The Randomness Experiment was concepted on June 18, 2001, and carried out on June 19, 2001. It was originally the brainchild of Jeffrey Grafton, but after presenting his idea to Mike Mott (aka Moo), it was instantly seen as a brilliant plan.

Thus, it was carried out as planned.

The hallowed can of juice
The hallowed can of juice

The Players

MOO: Guy with a rowing hat / shirt, presented the gift (see below)
JEFF: Picture taker (shown below)
RYAN: Yearbook carrier / debriefer of victims (see right)
BUNNY: Would-be candy distributor, but was stolen
GRAPE JUICE: "Gift" given to victims (see left)
TJHS: Place of experiment conducting

The Plan

The victim would be randomly approached and offered a gift as an "end of the year" present. As he/she opened the gift, his/her reaction to the old, battered grape juice was photographed using a digital camera. Depending on the acceptability of the action of the victim (ie, not running away with the grape juice or tearing the bag), the victim would be told what was going on, offered the chance to see his/her picture, and given a kiss*. Below are the victims, in semi alphabetical order by first name. Kudos to you all!

Moo presenting the "gift" to a lucky recipient
Moo presenting the "gift" to a lucky recipient

Amanda Brill

Anna Reinert

Courtney Chou

Dan Shin

Denis Cotter

Elizabeth Jordan

Harrison Price

Jackie Bello

Joanna Stephens

Karl Hillenbrand

Matt Hanson

Matt Kurjanowicz

Mike Dietz

Mike Wright

Pam Tsang

Rebecca Burns

Theresa Christian

Trevor Dobson

Veronika Bath

Zander Slaski

Other/Unknown Pics

Special thanks to Mike Dietz for the best series of reactions!

Ryan, clutching dearly to Jeffrey's yearbook
Ryan, clutching dearly to Jeffrey's yearbook
* A Hershey kiss of course. What were you thinking?